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Ferdina 17 августа 2016 10:38
Switzerland recently added to existing sanctions against North Korea by banning shipments of all Swiss watches to the secretive communist dictatorship. While outwardly a communist state, the political reality in North Korea seems to suggest a fascist regime where a single replica watches party system headed by dictator Kim Jong-un controls the often oppressed and closed country which sees little outside influence for the population that exists under totalitarian rule. Life might be difficult for the average North Korean citizen, but top leaders enjoy lavish luxuries, and a report ray ban outlet online suggests that the country spends upward of $600 million per year on luxury goods. Those, of course, include high-end watches, and are exclusively for the country's top leaders including Kim Jong-un himself. The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry recently reported that in May and June of 2016 zero Swiss watch were exported to North Korea. This is part of Switzerland's compliance with increased UN Security Council-led sanctions against North Korea that has continued its buildup of ballistic weapons in opposition to international pressure. While Switzerland rolex replica remains an important part of the UN Security Council, there is no doubt some disappointment on the home front since the Swiss watch industry is currently experiencing major export decreases overall due to the world economy as well as deep-rooted systemic issues in their replica bags too-often archaic business models. growth in North Korea's birth rate. Swiss watches are just some of the items which are banned from being imported to North Korea as the world continues to play its nuanced dance with the West's poster child for a modern oppressive state, combining an erratic and often hostile leader as well as a track record of human rights abuses and illegal conduct around the globe.
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robertss 26 декабря 2016 09:29
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